Monday, February 12, 2007

RSS's poisonous secret agenda

Ref. : (Aajka Surekh Bharat, Nagpur, Oct. 2000, P-44, Original in Hindi, the English version, as follows --It is universal that RSS's attitude towards Muslims is hostile ever. RSS treat Muslim as their bitterest enemy. Though RSS express their equality views towards Dalits (for getting political benefits), yet they ever used to conspire against them (Dalits). Some days before, a poisonous RSS's secret agenda document was leaked by mistake and as such the fact of RSS's inner vicious mind has been exposed. It is clear from this agenda that as to how RSS want to target and finish Dalits. At first, this agenda was published in "New Age" weekly, of Communist party's mouth piece, dated 18th to 24th June 2000. The same was also published in second instance in "Lotmat", Marathi Daily from Nagpur, dated 15th July 2000. The correspondent of this daily, Mr. Shrinivas Khandewale was threatened of life by RSS. A case was also filed against him. This agenda doesn't bear any date and signature. The agenda code number is – 411/ND/3003/R.S.S. – C.O.-3."Dear missionary brothers – According to this agenda, we are giving you responsibilities and as such we request you to accomplish the same. You memorize the agenda by heart and later on, tear it off. This work must be done confidentially and excellently. There are 34 points, as follows : 1. Collect weapons and explosive as much as you can to kill Dalits.2. Make harmony with Amedkarites, Dalits, Muslims and make them hostile to Ambedkarite-Mahars. Create hostility among Dalits.3. Make senior officers as staunch Hindu, so that they may harm Dalits. 4. Order to medical representative (MR) is to provide expired medicines in Dalits, Muslims and Tribal areas to kill them without knowing anybody.5. Compel Dalits to chant Jai Shriram and Om mantra.6. Boycott to those who comment against Hindutva. Threat them for.
7. Addict Dalits of drug, wine, gambling, prostitution, lottery and other such bad habits.8. Dalit students who are reading in schools should be given harmful food, so that they may be paralyzed at their mental and physical health. 9. Entice and Compel Dalit, Muslim and Christian girls to become prostitute.10. Teach false history in schools so as that Hindutva shall prevail.11. During riot, rape Dalit, Muslim and Christian girls in group without any mercy, for no any kind of acquaintance/favor may prevail. 12. During riot, kill as maximum Dalits as you can with aid of government apparatus, police etc.13. Chruches, Buddhavihars, Mosques were earlier Hindu temples and subsequently were grabbed by Yawan, Hun, Kushan. Such kind of literature should be created and propagated. 14. Create literature so as to defame Bouddha, Christian and Muslim.15. Destroy Brahmin defaming literature. Or if it is available, stop it to come in people.16. Scrap record of Dalits and OBCs so that they would remain away from promotions. 17. Show people the miraculous episodes of Hindu gods and goddesses through electronic media repeatedly.18. Propagate blind beliefs in Dalits by way of hypocrite and pseudo saadhu, saadhvi, Buwa, Maharaj, Baapu, Amma, etc. 19. Keep on converting Bouddha, Jain, Sikh, Christian into Hindus.20. Make pre-planned attacks on Dalits, Muslims and Christians and discourage them mentally.21, Oppose Mandal commission and confuse people in this regard. 22. Encourage disputes in the middle of Dalits.23. Damage Ambedkar statues and apply tar on the face of the statues.24. Regularly read Chanakya's book.25. Deceive Muslim and Dalit girls, drink them and take their naked photos. 26. Continue Malnutrition among tribals and make them weak by giving poisonous food.27. Use gullible and ignorant OBC to have our political gain. 28. Prohibit Dalits and OBCs to enter the Hi-Fi electronic media, i.e. Internet, IT, Computer Technology and other such areas.29. Take Dalit and Muslim writers in our favor by giving money and insist them to write against Dalits and Muslims. 30. Order our rich and businessmen to exploit Dalits.31. Keep watch on Dalit organizations and work to divide them.32. Kill in encounter those who oppose Hindus.33. Conduct meetings in your middle in regular intervals. 34. Preach Hindutva in chanting slogan of Jai Shriram relentlessly.(Note.: Memorize the above-said by heart and burn this agenda paper.)